Kenneth B. Dart is a visionary businessman and developer who, after visiting the Cayman Islands with his family on vacation, was determined to return and to one day call Cayman home. After purchasing a home and land, the family’s vision of a new town, open to all, providing a diverse and walkable mix of commercial, retail, resort, entertainment and residential opportunities came to life in the town of Camana Bay.

Kenneth Dart (Ken) graduated from the University of Michigan in 1976 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Ken joined the family business, working in the engineering department, and quickly assumed increasing levels of responsibility including the management of Dart’s manufacturing operations. In 1986 he was named President of the company. Under Ken Dart’s leadership, the Company increased its product offerings, improved its product quality and service levels, and expanded into more markets.  Ken was succeeded as the company’s top executive officer by his brother Bob Dart in 2001.  During Bob’s tenure, the Company has continued to experience impressive growth and improvement, and has enhanced its reputation as the “Industry Standard of Excellence.”  Ken became a Director of the Company when he stepped down as President, a role which he continues to serve in today.

In the Cayman Islands, Kenneth Dart owns, and sits on the Board of Directors of, Dart Enterprises Ltd., Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd., and Cayman Shores Development Ltd., the developer of Camana Bay, a 500 acre mixed use, master planned community that is being developed in phases over several decades. In 2012, local development company Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd began comprehensive refurbishment of the Cayman Islands Yacht Club.

Ken Dart is a Board member of the Dart Foundation and also owns, and serves on the Board of Directors of, Dart NeuroScience, a private company formed to discover new technologies and therapeutics to reduce the memory loss due to the effects of aging, stroke or brain injury.