The ones who make a real difference in the world of real estate development are the ones who dream big. These visionaries are motivated by a desire to create meaningful places for people to enjoy, places that will grow and evolve over time to become an inextricable part of the communities in which they exist. Ken Dart dreams big, and his impressive portfolio of real estate projects is a testament to his singular vision.

Ken Dart owns Dart Realty, which is responsible for a range of development projects, most notably Camana Bay. Camana Bay is a lively town on Grand Cayman that stretches 600 acres from Grand Cayman’s picturesque Seven Mile Beach to the North Sound.

Inspired by the principles of New Urbanism, Camana Bay is a series of four pedestrian-friendly villages that were developed in collaboration with some of the world’s most innovative architects, city planners and sustainability experts. The town is home to gourmet restaurants, designer shops, and year-round island entertainment and activities.

Camana Bay is also home to the Cayman International School, built through the generosity of the William and Claire Dart Foundation. This state-of-the-art institution has a K-12 enrollment of approximately 450 students.

Dart Realty is also developing its first resort property, a 266-room hotel with 62 residences, on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. The resort is grand in scale and will feature a luxurious mix of restaurants, lounges, pools and spas in a beautiful oceanfront setting. This project is scheduled to open in late 2016.

Dart Realty is committed to creating meaningful and lasting spaces that bring people joy, with an eye on island aesthetics and sustainability. With the visionary developer Ken Dart at the helm, this company will continue to build spaces that inspire.